Four Easy Steps to Get Your Job Done on FE

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Four Easy Steps to Get Your Job Done on FE

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Field Engineer is an online and app-driven, on-demand workforce of experienced and available telecom and network engineers and technicians. You've probably heard that the UK has a shortage of engineers. But that doesn't mean getting a graduate job in engineering is easy.

How do I register with Field Engineer Portal?

Follow these steps to register yourself at
  • Download the FieldEngineer Mobile app from the Apple App store or Andriod Play store.
    After installation, launch the app and click on the Sign Up button found at the top right corner of the screen
    Enter your Name, Email Address, and Password, Retype the password.
    linkA Validation code will be sent to your registered email address.
    Enter the validation code into your mobile App and click ‘Login to Continue’.
    Log in back to your profile at Field Engineer mobile app and update your profile,under ‘Payment section add tax, insurance and payment methods.(Note: Address should be – “City,” “state,” “country”). Also do not forget to update turn on your notifications.
Businesses can hire highly skilled professional on the Field Engineer Job portal. One Platform For All Your Engineering Needs. Sign Up Now!